Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A picture of a storm

Staying Healthy around Standing Water in Morro Bay to King City

Standing water of any kind in Fargo can be a powerful source of disease. Floods can be worse due to the amount of water involved. Even small puddles can pose a risk. 

Different kinds of debris can be found in floodwaters such as dead animals, rotted plants, and sewage, to name a few. If you have water damage inside your home, watch for debris in the home as well to include rotted food and electrical problems. 

A picture of a storm

Thunderstorm preparedness in Morro Bay to King City

SERVPRO of Morro Bay to King City repeats the warning, “When thunder roars, go indoors”.  You don’t have to wait for the thunder. If there is a thunderstorm warning, go inside. Once there:

  • Unplug appliances
  • Do not use landline phones in office or home
  • Pay attention to alerts and warnings
a picture of wall that has been boarded up

A Templeton Laundromat gets a Board Up

After a recent storm a local laundromat called us to come and board up a glass wall that broke during the recent storm. Not an easy job, but that is why we are here!

a picture of a wall that has been boarded up due to a storm

Needed Board Up in San Miguel

After a recent storm a local shop in San Miguel needed a board up. Who did they call? SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City. A correctly placed board up helps shop owners have peace and security during a difficult time. 

a picture of a man cleaning a office vent

Water Damage After a Storm in Los Osos

Severe storms can happen when you least expect it. The team at SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City is ready to respond to any size storm. This office had significant water loss and the team responded immediately to restore the office back to normal conditions. Even the little details like the office vents matter!

a picture of a technician cleaning the bottom of a wall

Storm Damage in Paso Robles

This Paso Robles office suffered some storm damage during the recent rains. SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City came in and deep cleaned the mud and accessed the property for any potentially missed water leaks that could lead to mold.